Web Design Trends 2017

web design trend 2017

Bye Bye to the traditional way

The traditional way of web design has come to an end. The older way, the design was to make the tech look good to its audience but now in this modern era its much and bigger than that. Now the task of web designers is not only to make the web design look beautiful but it’s now based on the users point of view, based on their stories etc.

Conversational UI

Now the people will interact with companies and services via chat, messaging, and other natural language interfaces. This will lead to an increase in the topic for most web designers and  web design company in 2017.


Animation & Gifs

Gifs can be used in your website. It will give you a rich look and attracts users attention within a short notice. But don’t your website with animated pictures. Just  explain a workflow, or simply provide a how to guide for your users. Many tools are also available for making Gifs.


Long Scrolling Websites

Example for long scrolling websites are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Users keep on scrolling these websites  and they always show new contents to the users. If the content is interesting the users keeps on scrolling but if the contents are dull and not interesting then user will left from the site. This is one of the disadvantage of long scrolling websites. The website should try to keep the users within the site with interesting content.

long scroll

Real Image, More Authenticity

Nowadays people are using their own image with the respect of their company or brand. For example , the picture of their employees or their office space etc. The demand of stock images are decreasing.

These are some of the main trends that i noticed in web design. It’s not necessary to include all these to your new website. Do as what your client wishes to do and be creative.